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2000 LB Polyester Webbing
About Us
About Us
Breaking Strength 2000 pounds
Safe Working Load Limits with 6" loop
666 lbs Vertical/Horizontal Pull
450 lbs as a Choker
Available with flat or twisted eye
Characteristics: Approx. 1/16" thick. Light weight. Plain weave. Two inch wide.
Available Colors
6' Long Single Loop
8' Long Single Loop
10' Long Single Loop
12' Long Single Loop
14' Long Single Loop
16' Long Single Loop
6' Long Double Loop
8' Long Double Loop
10' Long Double Loop
12' Long Double Loop
14' Long Double Loop
16' Long Double Loop
Longer sizes available
$6.00 ea.
$6.50 ea.
7.00 ea.
$8.25 ea.
$9.00 ea.
$9.50 ea.
$9.00 ea.
$9.50 ea.
10.00 ea.
$11.25 ea.
$12.00 ea.
$12.50 ea.
Colors fade in direct sunlight
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